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If you've stumbled across this page, welcome to my old website. I no longer update this site. For the most recent updates, visit Here is where you will learn about my new company which provides

A Summer Shipping Package to Help You Finish Writing a Short eBook

One of the participants in Voxe Media's Beta Author Boost emailed recently to ask if she was the "only one who had failed."

Eegads. No - ! No one failed. I won’t let them.<

Can You Really Write a Short Book in 8 Weeks?

Yes, if you start with a bunch of great content you can draw from: blog posts, articles, notes, lists, research. And are ruthlessly focused on shipping something in 8 weeks. But the fact is, it probably does

Why a Short Book? Hint: Quicker to Write and Delivers Same Business Benefits

The cool thing about writing a short book and self-publishing it on Amazon Kindle is that you can think of yourself as a Beta Author. Why Beta? Think of it as an Agile Book Launch. Your short book will

My Three Words for 2012: Alignment, Quiet and Compassion

Inspired by a number of other bloggers and authors, including Chris Brogan (Temple, Untangle, Practice), Jonathan Fields (Serve, Inspire, Transcend) and Chris Guillebeau (Finishing), I am starting 2012 with three words. I was tempted to say "launching" 2012 because that's

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The Corporate Blogging Book

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The Corporate Blogging Book

The Corporate Blogging Book

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7 Tips to Write a Great Corporate Blog
Tried and true tips for online writing: use lots of white space, always include links, write subheads, package your content into digestible bites.



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