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One of the participants in Beta Author Boost emailed recently to ask if she was the "only one who had failed." Eegads. No - ! No one failed. I won’t let them. What she meant is that she got stalled or stuck writing the manuscript of her short book and hasn’t finished yet. But it’s perfectly normal to feel overwhelmed or to procrastinate or to get sidetracked. So she hasn’t failed. If you are considering writing a short eBook (30 to

Yes, if you start with a bunch of great content you can draw from: blog posts, articles, notes, lists, research. And are ruthlessly focused on shipping something in 8 weeks. But the fact is, it probably does take 10,000 hours to learn how to write well. If not 10,000, then a lot of time  over a period of years.

The cool thing about writing a short book and self-publishing it on Amazon Kindle is that you can think of yourself as a Beta Author. Why Beta? Think of it as an Agile Book Launch. Your short book will be provocative, smart and well-written. It will have a sizzling title and a click-inducing cover. But it may be the first in a series of books. You may want to write a longer book later. You may want to revise it. No problem. As an

Inspired by a number of other bloggers and authors, including Chris Brogan (Temple, Untangle, Practice), Jonathan Fields (Serve, Inspire, Transcend) and Chris Guillebeau (Finishing), I am starting 2012 with three words. I was tempted to say "launching" 2012 because that's what it feels like. More about that in a minute. First, my words:






2012 is going to be a year of adventure,

Seth Godin reminds us - again - of the new way to think about writing a business book. You are writing for the fans and followers you already have. Your tribe. They are the ones who will celebrate with you and kick off word-of-mouth sales if you set your launch price on Kindle at $0.00.

As Seth puts it: "Wake up in the morning thinking about what (you) can write for (your) readers." Not the other way around. The old mindset went

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