zane_safrit.jpgAnother great show with CEO blogger Zane Safrit (full disclosure: his company, Conference Calls Unlimited, is one of our loyal sponsors).  We talked about the growing phenomenon of CEO blogs and what - or whether - to post in a crisis.

Specifically, we zeroed in on JetBlue's David Neeleman who has apparently been moved to tears over the plight of his stranded passengers due to a severe winter storm. But (as of Feb. 20, 2007 when this


steve_high_res.jpg Great interview with Steve Rubel in a live broadcast from Voice America's Phoenix, AZ studio. The audio quality is so much better when you're talking into a mike. Felt like a real radio host. Steve, as most everyone knows, is a senior VP of Edelman PR as well as the publisher of Micro Persuasion, a Technorati Top 100 blog.

Squaw_Peak in_Phoenix.jpgI'm in Arizona this week courtesy of my husband who's attending a conference. The weather is glorious (cool but


halley_suitt.png Happy Birthday Halley! Long-time blogger, writer and entrepreneur Halley Suitt graciously agreed to be my guest on The Corporate Blogging Show today, on her birthday. We talked about why she started blogging in 2002, whether and how corporate blogs can adopt the unique "voice" that distinguishes the best personal blogs, the stuff you can't write about when you're a CEO and lots about writing.

Blog writing is so different from other


baltimore_sun1.jpgJohn Lindner and I did tit for tat interviews this week. He interviewed me for his Blography podcast (click here to listen) for The Baltimore Sun. (Will post direct link later.) Then I interviewed him the next day for The Corporate Blogging Show. We had a wide-ranging discussion as we both tried to parse the landscape of citizen journalism and citizen marketing and how it relates to mainstream journalism.

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citizen_marketers_book-3d-cm.jpgA great show with Jackie Huba, co-author of the newly published Citizen Marketers.

Podcasticon_1Download the Jan. 23, 2007 show as a podcast or sign up for the RSS feed to get it (and future editions of the TCB Show) automatically.

libsyn blog


signs_never_sleep.jpgJ.D. Iles is one of the case studies in my book (chapter 6: The New ROI is ROB - Return on Blogging) so it was fun to catch up with him. He runs a custom sign-making shop in Lincoln, N.H. and blogs (almost daily) at SignsNeverSleep. J.D. takes a highly practical approach to blogging, one that many small businesses can learn from. His blog is engaging and conversational, serves as a showcase of his custom signs and in 2005 brought in

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