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Live interview on Britain’s Sky News

I was interviewed in Sky News' London studio on Friday 20 October 2006. Wow... what an experience. I arrived, was led to "make-up," had gobs applied (but rather skillfully). Then an assistant led me up to the gleaming blue and

The Corporate Blogging Book is TypePad’s Book of the Month

Now this is cool. The Corporate Blogging Book is TypePad's book of the month for October 2006. Listen to the podcast interview I did with Six Apart's Michael Sippey.

Live interview on Britain's Sky News

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The Corporate Blogging Book

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The Corporate Blogging Book

The Corporate Blogging Book

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7 Tips to Write a Great Corporate Blog
Tried and true tips for online writing: use lots of white space, always include links, write subheads, package your content into digestible bites.



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