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The Corporate Blogging Book reviewed by Kirkus Reports

It’s not too late to get in on the blogging craze, says Weil. The author, a popular speaker, marketing consultant and award-winning e-newsletter publisher, presents a usable guide to accessing the new "bottom-up business ecosystem." Weil demystifies blogging, answering questions like, "Why do we need a blog?"; "How will a blog be useful to our business?"; "How much time does it take to write and maintain?"; "Who in our company should write it?"

She makes a convincing case for the corporate blog, offering 13 potential functions, including marketing strategy, community-builder, branding tool and customer-relations improvement. Emphasizing the power of the blog as a communication strategy, Weil focuses on how blogging can help you speak more effectively and honestly with customers and employees. Because a blog must first and foremost attract and retain an audience, the author includes exercises and tips to help find your voice and engage readers, encouraging new bloggers to write from the heart, to take risks and to be honest.

An unusually thorough appendix includes recommended reading, blogging guidelines, a helpful glossary of blogging and internet terms and the top five design resources to build into your blog. Smart, witty and accessible. Kirkus Reports (August 2006)

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Reviewers Say...

Smart, witty and accessible.

- Kirkus Reports

Rock-solid advice and examples… Weil deftly shows how to avoid the pitfalls

- Chris Anderson, Author of The Long Tail

The original and definitive book on corporate blogging.

- The Social Enthusiast (August 2009)

The Best Business Blogging Book

- John Moore, Brand Autopsy

November 2008 -  Named one of ten insightful Web 2.0 books. Click #8.

- CIO Insight

Open this book to any page and you’ll discover ideas you can use…

- Seth Godin, author of Linchpin and 11 other bestsellers

This is *the* book smart businesspeople should read to understand the ins and outs of blogging.

- Dan Pink, Author of A Whole New Mind and Johnny Bunko

One of the best books around for novice corporate bloggers. Witty, entertaining and informative.

- Blogger review (April 2009)

This compact yet comprehensive encyclopedia of corporate blogging lucidly explains why blogging should be part of any customer loyalty strategy.

- Jackie Huba, Author of Citizen Marketers

I loved the conversational and organic nature of the book… impeccable research and flawless writing style.

- Kip Meacham on Amazon

Debbie, you’ve worked very hard to help corporate America understand social media. Nice job!

- Dr. Nora Ganim Barnes, Dir. UMass Center for Marketing Research