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When you talk about social media marketing you are talking about two things: 1.) a mindshift and 2.)  social content.

What is the mindshift?

The mindshift is what makes you think in a new way about marketing to and communicating with your customers. It's not about selling, at least not overtly. It's always a two-way conversation. It's listening to feedback even if it's negative. It's being transparent in your interactions with customers. It's being open to collaborating with them.

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What is social content?

Social content is a new way of packaging your marketing message. It's an authentic style and voice whether it's a 140-character Tweet, a Facebook or LinkedIn update or a blog post. In addition to words, social content is comprised of links, photos, videos, polls, surveys, sharing tools like AddThis and even QR Codes for your smartphones.

Ask yourself: is your content useful? Non-salesy? Easy to share? Compelling and persuasive? Is your content awesome?

Social content is what millions of consumers are creating and interacting with everyday on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn and other social media platforms. I help your organization figure out what your content marketing strategy is. When I say strategy, I mean how to map your social content to your bottom line. On a tactical level, I show you how to eradicate corporate speak from your marketing communications and how to choose which platforms make the most sense for your organization.

How I work

In addition to mapping your social media strategy, I can help you execute:

- A useful and compelling blog that becomes your social media hub (Fast Company calls me a corporate blogging expert)

- A Twitter page that inspires followers to talk about you

- A Facebook page that engages fans with news and special offers

GlaxoSmithKline, The Washington Post Company's, HP, American College of Radiology,  and MACPA are organizations that have hired me to show them how to derive business value from social media. 

What I do

- I immerse your team in the latest social media trends and tools

- I help you take the temperature of your organization (do you have a social media mindset?)

- I show you how to listen to what's already being said out there about your brand

- Then we execute together, whether it's a revamp of your home page to make it a next-generation social site, a new blog or the creation of a Twitter strategy and a Facebook fan page

- Measure: what will your metrics of success be? We determine them upfront and then measure all efforts against them.

- Rinse and repeat. Executing a social media strategy is always an iterative process. I call it Ready | Fire | Aim. Well, that's a bit of an exaggeration. But the point is that you have to do something, you have to start somewhere. Then you refine, correct and keep going.

Debbie did an amazing job coaching us on all of the aspects of setting up and starting a blog. She challenged us to get clear about the purpose and then coached us on writing, design, and practical tips. I highly recommend Debbie to anyone trying to figure out the blogosphere!
- Tom Hood, CPA and CEO of the Maryland Association of CPAs.

Brainstorming, keynotes and workshops

I deliver keynotes (on the Social Media Mindset, Not the Toolset and other provocative topics) for conferences and company retreats. I work with both B2C and B2B clients and on both internal and external programs.

I lead intensive brainstorming sessions (think of me as a digital fairy godmother) to help you execute a social media campaign for your own organization, or for clients if you are a PR or marketing agency.

I lead customized half or full-day social media workshops for senior-level managers at large companies and trade associations.

All my services are designed to provide you and your colleagues with the skills and understanding you need to wrap social media into your existing marketing, communications and business development. A partial list of clients here.

And to show you how social media enables you to engage with customers in a way that was never before possible and - ultimately - leads to more sales.

Debbie helped GSK launch the first blog within Pharma. She has a gift: helping clients leverage this new channel because she was a pioneer in creating this channel. Success depends on both an understanding of the mechanics, and the editorial spirit and courage to find a unique voice that engages and attracts a following. That's Debbie.
- Steven L. Burton, former VP Marketing GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Health

Through my training and counsel (a client referred to me as the ever-genius @debbieweil), you can expect to crystalize groundbreaking social media campaigns for your company or your clients. I'll motivate your staff so that everyone on your team becomes fluent - or at least comfortable - with social media tools and the social media mindset. I can teach you to Twitter like a pro.

The secret of social media marketing? It creates long-term value for your customers that ultimately drives sales. Smart marketing is about building relationships. Most folks are not ready to buy right away. Everyone is ready to connect.

Here's what you'll learn

- Why a blog is the hub of social media marketing

- Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Flickr and LinkedIn. These are the Big FIVE. Which should you use and how do they work together?

- Should you be Twittering? Yes, it's a serious strategy with a silly name.

- What are the risks and how do you manage them?

- What resources (time and talent) do you need to integrate social media with your current marketing and PR?

- What is the ROI and how do you measure it?


I just want to thank you for being as terrific as I'd hoped you would be! The (workshop) turned out really well - with a 180-degree turn in opinion and receptivity about blogging from Friday night to Saturday afternoon.
- Nancy Cook, former Sr. Director, Marketing & PR, American College of Radiology

Your blog, your Twitter account, your YouTube channel make your company or organization human and credible. They make you stand out from the crowd. And they give your stakeholders an authentic way to engage with you, right now.


Some say your Google results are your new home page. Think about that. If the only thing people find on a Google search is your static corporate site, you lose. With millions of consumers reading blogs, Twittering and spending time on Facebook, your audience expects to be able to engage with you.

And they expect you to deliver value, even if you're not making a sale.

The Web 2.0  train has left the station. I can show you how to jump on quickly and safely, through a speech, a workshop or a longer term consulting engagement.




Call me on my mobile to get started: +1 202.255.1467 Eastern or contact me for fees and availability.

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