Keynoting The New Media Event in Dubai

Sunday Dec 14, 2008

08:45 AM

Dubai, UAE

I keynoted The New Media Event, billed as the first social media conference in the Middle East.

I stayed on for four days for a bit of R&R with my husband. It was fascinating to peer through Dubai's lens of newest / biggest / best. But even in Dubai, the economy is clearly slowing. The hotels, bars and restaurants were surprisingly empty. Layoffs and slow-downs on some of the biggest building projects are in the news.


Thanks to conference director Kosta Petrov for being such a gracious host and a big shout-out to my new friends in Dubai, Baher Al Hakim, PK Gulati and Dan Stuart.


It was such a pleasure having you as a speaker. Your presentation was amazing and I truly enjoyed it!
- Kosta Petrov, Conference Director


Below is a modified version of my keynote. It was mostly images so I added a few text notes to the slides before uploading.

What's Your Digital Footprint?
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Here are a few pics.



I keynoted this first-ever social media conference in the Middle East. Interesting that "Rapidly Changing Economy" (in the description below) was written long before the current economic crisis. The conference was held at the JW Marriott in Dubai. More info here.


Agenda for Day 1 - Sunday Dec. 14. 2008

08.45 Keynote Presentation
The Power Of Blogging And Social Media In Today’s Rapidly Changing Economy
• Beyond marketing and PR, this is a revolution in how you do business
• Adopting the new mindset to beat your competitors
• Think small to win big

Debbie Weil
The Corporate Blogging Book
09.30 Exclusive Q&A Session
Sharing The Points Of View On Social Media
• Change of interaction in a social media world
• New media: how are we exploring the net?
• The future of new media in Asia

Shekhar Kapur
Elizabeth And Elizabeth: The Golden Age
10.15 Networking And Refreshment Break
10.45 Print Vs New Media: The End Of Media As We Know It
• Understanding how much of your sources should be put online
• Integrating traditional and new media to give your messages
  maximum coverage

Ammar Bakkar
Head Of Digital Media
MBC Group
11.15 New Media In The Middle East: Are We There Yet?
• The history of new media in the region
• New media developments in the region
• What does the future hold for new media in the region?

Mohamed Nanabhay
Head Of New Media
Al Jazeera
11.45 Q&A Session
12.00 Lunch For Delegates And Speakers
13.00 Special Dubai Drums Interactive Session
13.30 The Power Of Social Media In Today’s Competitive Markets
• What is the actual power of social media?
• How is social media changing today’s world?
• Using the power of social media

Mohamed El Fatatry
14.00 Social Networking And Web 2.0: What Is Their Value To Your Company?
• Using MySpace, Youtube and Facebook
• Learning about your Web 2.0 audience
• Monitoring the impact of Web 2.0 on your corporate reputation

Scott Monty
Head Of Social Media
14.30 Q&A Session
14.45 Networking And Refreshment Break
15.15 Working Effectively At “Netspeed”: The New Age Of PR And Communications
• Avoid “death” by a thousand “web cuts”
• Meet the corporate challenge to communicate internally and
  externally in a new media world
• The value of integrity, brand and talent in a world of Facebook,
  Drudge and Second Life

Jonathan Woodier
Director Corporate Communications EMEA,
Global Consumer Group, Citi Group
15.45 Achieving Effective Inter-Departmental Working As New Media Blurs The Divide Between Marketing, Advertising And PR
• When it comes to new media: what are the boundaries?
• Working closely with marketing and advertising to create consistent
  messaging in the new media world

Angel Gambino
Former Global VP, Music And Content
16.15 Online Communities: Why Should You Care?
• Understanding marketplace as a conversation in which you need
  to take part
• Recognising online communities as a vital part of being part of the
• Identifying online communities that are in your conversation and
  becoming an active part of them
• Presenting as a case of an online community
  that has affected the conversation in the marketplace

Magnus Nystedt
16.45 Q&A Session
17.15 Chairman’s Closing Remarks
17.30 End Of Day One


I was sorry to miss meeting Bollywood director Shekhar Kapur, slated to be one of the speakers. He was recently named to Newsweek's Global Digital Elite.


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