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Big Ideas, Short Books TM

Remarkable self-publishing for business authors

Voxie Media helps established business authors self-publish BIG ideas in SMALL, REMARKABLE books. By established authors, we mean cool people like Dan Pink and Tom Peters who are between "big books" with a traditional publisher, but want to get a "next book" out more quickly. Something SMALL but POTENT. A tangible artifact - whether it’s "-e" or "paper" - to continue the conversation with their audience. Short is the new long in today’s iPad-soaked society.

The definition of a book is changing. So by book, we mean digital e-books for all the platforms including Kindle and iPad. But we also mean small format hardcover books that are under 100 pages. Beautifully-designed printed books are still magical totems of authority.

A print book is still a magical totem of authority.

Why small books?

Because as any experienced writer knows, a small book is doable. It’s ever so much easier to defeat the Lizard Brain when you’re sitting down to write 10,000 - 20,000 words (less than 100 pages), as opposed to a full-length book.

And a professionally-designed book, no matter how short, has far more gravitas than a series of blog posts or a speaking video.

Happily, the converse is also true. The rest of us are too busy to read full-length books, particularly if the topic is innovation, marketing or strategy - the category popularly called business books.

Why Voxie?

Vox means voice in Latin. Publishing a book amplifies your voice. And we like the ring of "voxie."

Why self-publishing?

Self-publishing has lost its stigma. The new self-publishing tools and platforms are empowering serious authors to become indie publishers. And to publish a new book in weeks or months, instead of a year or longer.

We show established business authors how to quickly package and publish remarkable short books and manifestos - both digital and print. 

Your ideas can change the world

If you’re out to change the world, but you’re really busy, you can do it with a small book or a series of small books that present powerful ideas in a remarkable way. Your readers will recommend and share it. A book can create social change by inspiring your readers to think, and act, in new ways.

And if your tribe and platform are big enough, a series of short books will earn you a nice stream of residual income. In addition, a new book can substantially increase your speaking fees if you’re already an established business author.

What Voxie Media does

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We offer Webinars and teleseminars that show business authors and speakers step-by-step how to self-publish print and digital books. We cover everything from content packaging to design and format to marketing and promotion.

We offer the same material in info products that you can consume at your convenience. We also publish our own short books and manifestos on the topic.

We run workshops and create other custom events.

An established author herself, CEO Debbie Weil offers one-on-one coaching for business authors who want soup-to-nuts help with self-publishing a small book. She also does keynote speaking on the topics of innovation, marketing, social media and the revolution in publishing.

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