I am still patiently explaining to smart folks who are not blogging or Twittering or otherwise creating a digital footprint for themselves, that if I can't link to "it" (whatever it is they're telling me about in an email or on the phone), then I can't:

  • Check out their bonafides in three seconds (OK, I don't tell them this... )
  • Determine how credible and/or important "it" is
  • Blog about it
  • Tweet about it
  • Help them promote "it"

URLs (links to a specific Web page) are the currency of the blogosphere and they're what propel the newer phenomenon of social media marketing.

What was that video about the guy dancing around the world? Oh, here's the link to Where the Hell is Matt (viewed over 18.6 million times).

Where's that list of close to 100 Big Brand Blogs so you can show your boss examples of corporate blogs? Oh yeah, here it is.

You've just published a new study and want to tell me about it. What's the URL? Where's the download page? 

I'd love to help if you'll just provide me with a link.

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Sidney Hargro said on February 25, 2009 at 10:00 AM

I am finding this to be the truth that rules that land.  Making it clickable and embedding it with more links to substantiate your point is crucial.  I am simply trying to determine how much linking (within the linked post or comment) is optimum.

Jim Durbin said on February 26, 2009 at 12:25 AM

That is a great title. A couple years ago, I worked for a company that had me entering information into their database.  The database was slow, and it restricted my progress, but I had a sticker they came by with that said, if it’s not in Recruitmax, it didn’t happen!

I’m surprised that monitor survived.

Your title, however, with time and distance from that sticker, actually made me laugh out loud.

And it has the added benefit of being true. I don’t understand why so much is posted that can’t be found.  If you’re willing to post it on a company website, shouldn’t you want it as accessible as possible?

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